This glove with McKibben actuators as the main structure can help people with hand disorders to carry out recovery training, help move fingers to promote neuron connection, and assist them in grasping daily necessities.
This pneumatic glove can help their recovery by leading finger movements and stimulating neurons. Because the range of finger movements varies among different users, they can control the bending angle by changing the pressing time. Besides, this pneumatic glove can complete inflation and deflation separately, assisting users to grap ordinary things.
McKibben actuator has the advantages of convenient fabrication, cheap material, good air tightness, lightweight, and so on. The author has found a way to bend the structure and designed various deformation modes. The author puts the O-shaped pneumatic structure into the glove, which can drive the fingers to open and close and complete a series of activities. The whole glove weighs 89.5g and the control system weighs 1027g.

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