Members: Tianyi Ye, Yuqi Huang, Shaokang Li, Ziqi Fang, Yunqi Li, Zhenhao Jiang
The virtual world is gradually infiltrating the real world. Starting from children's toys, we designed building blocks that integrate with the virtual world.
When building blocks are generated in the virtual world, children can gain more play methods and more fun when playing them. The magical interaction between the physical world and the virtual world can also cultivate children's hands-on ability and imagination.
The controls use the technology called Machamagnets of the University of Colorado. The damping of the magnet allows players to obtain obvious and comfortable feedback, while the change in the electric field generated by the movement of the magnet can be captured by the Hall effect sensor.
The controls are fabricated by 3D printing, which can be quickly built. There is a battery and an Arduino Uno board under the base. The movement of the magnet on the control is captured by the Hall effect sensor and transmitted to the iPad via the Bluetooth module.

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